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March 1, 2019
hard floors

The healthiest types of flooring

Are other types of flooring healthier than carpet? To choose the right flooring is one of the biggest decisions for homeowners. Huge market of different type […]
February 20, 2019
hardwood flooring

The benefits of hardwood flooring

What are the benefits of hardwood flooring? Hardwood flooring has always been a trend in the market. And still is the most popular flooring among property […]
February 15, 2019
flooring underlayment

The right underlayment for each type of flooring

Choosing the right flooring underlayment? What is flooring underlayment? Flooring underlayment is a specific material like thin foam pads that stays on top of the subfloor […]
February 6, 2019
engineered flooring delamination

Engineered hardwood flooring delamination

Wood flooring delamination “Delamination is when the wood veneer or the surface layer separates from the backing material of wooden floorboard.” This is a problem associated […]
February 2, 2019
gaps in hardwood flooring

Why my hardwood flooring is shrinking? (And what can I do to avoid it?)

                      Wood flooring is beautiful and trendy. It needs to invest a significant amount of money to install hardwood flooring and having a gap between […]
January 16, 2019
old house is shining again

How to choose a professional flooring company?

So here’s the thing. Home is a very important factor in one’s life be happy about it.  Any action, decision, or event that occurs about it […]
January 12, 2019
modern flooring

New Trends of Flooring for 2019

2019 comes with some changes in the consumer’s flooring choices. Say goodbye to narrow planks, dark or sharp color and to so much overused grey toned […]
December 13, 2018
cleaning flooring

Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance Floors do a tough job and they need to be well-maintained in order to help them stay beautiful and effective for as long as […]
October 24, 2018
plywood 3/4

Preparation of the subfloor before flooring installation

Preparation of the sub-floor before flooring installation What does it mean? The sub-floor is the structural layer of wood decking between the floor joists and the […]