FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you also provide flooring materials?
Yes, we can provide, deliver and install
2What thickness of vinyl is best for basements?
We recommend 4-5 mm thick LVP
3Do you provide free estimates?
Yes, our estimates are free of charge
4Is it possible to have the floors installed in weekend?
Yes, we also work in weekends
5Do you offer warranty?
Our services come with 1-year installation warranty
6What type of flooring is better for pets?
Vinyl or laminate, contact us for more details
7Do you take urgent jobs?
Yes, we do our possible to schedule your job ASAP
8Are engineered hardwoods easy to scratch?
All hardwood floors are more predisposed to dents and scratches than laminate or vinyl flooring.
9Do you also install baseboards?
Yes, we install all types of trims
10Do you provide a contract for the job?
Yes, we give written contract and warranty
11What is more economical to install, vinyl or laminate?
All floating floors have same installation cost
12What is more slippery, vinyl or laminate?
Generally speaking, laminate is more slippery than vinyl
13Do you install my already purchased floor?
Yes, we install
14How do you stagger laminate flooring?
We usually use random or step pattern for residential and brick pattern for commercial
15Can you provide an estimate by phone?
Yes, sometimes there is no need for an on-site visit
16What is the best flooring for kitchen?
Tiles, followed by laminate, vinyl, hardwood and engineered
17Can you install laminate over regular carpet?
No, the carpet should be removed
18Can you put hardwood floors on a concrete slab?
Yes, if the slab is dry enough
19Do you provide written contract for your services?
Yes, we do
20What is more expensive, laminate or vinyl?
Typically, the vinyl is more expensive than laminate
21Do you also dispose job’s waste?
Yes, if so agreed
22My floors are squeaking, can you fix it?
Yes, we screw down subfloor before installation
23Can you move furniture for me?
Yes, if so agreed
24How wide should be the hardwood planks?
Here is a question of taste and space to be installed
25Why not hiring a general contractor for my flooring job?
Usually general contractors are subcontracting the jobs to specialized flooring company (it will increase your cost) or if not, they don’t have the same experience as the specialized contractor (the results are not always satisfactory)
26What is ¼ round?
¼ round is a small molding that we attach to the baseboard to cover the mandatory flooring gap
27Is it necessary to book the job with the condo’s management?
28 Is laminate flooring waterproof?
No, laminate is not waterproof
29How is hardwood installation cost calculated?
Basically, it depends of sqft, number and shape of rooms and width of planks
30Can you repair my subfloor before installation?
Yes, this is the first thing we do
31Can you lay laminate on an uneven subfloor?
No, this problem should be addressed first
32Is wax paper necessary for hardwood floors?
No, wax paper helps boards slide easier in their place and little more.
33What AC3, AC4, AC5 means?
An AC rating indicate the durability of laminate (5 being the best)
34What thickness of laminate should I choose?
To increase durability, it’s better to be more than 11 mm
1Do you install hardwood using staples or cleats?
We use cleats for thicknesses under ½’’ and staples for over ½’’
2Is hardwood flooring good for kitchen?
Yes, with the correct maintenance
3How many times I can refinish hardwood floors?
It can be refinished 6-10 times
4What vinyl thickness is recommended for commercial spaces?
It is usually 7 or 8 mm thick
5Do you need to take out baseboards before flooring installation?
No, a ¼ round or shoe molding will be installed to cover the gap between the floor and baseboard
6Do you provide other renovation services?
We also install interior doors, refinish or recap staircases, install all types of moldings
7What vinyl thickness works best for an office?
We recommend 8 mm commercial grade
8All types of vinyl require underlayment?
No, call us for more details
9Is laminate good for bathrooms?
No, due to humidity
10How much flooring material I need?
Typically, it is 10% more than the measured area to install
11Why choose Petra Renovation?
With expert advice, great workmanship and reliable customer service we are a top contractor in Vaughan
12Is engineered flooring also click installation?
Yes, it is click or tongue and groove
13Do you provide full flooring services?
Yes, we can provide materials, demolition, disposal and installation services.
14What is the ideal flooring for radiant heating systems?
Vinyl is the best
15Can you visit my place for a free estimate?
Yes, will be happy to do that
16Is laminate water resistant?
It has minor resistance; water spills must be removed immediately
17Which is harder, maple or oak?
Maple is harder than oak
18Can you just provide installation services?
Yes, we can install your already purchased flooring
19For how long your estimates are valid?
Petra Renovation’s estimates are valid for 1 month
20Can I purchase my flooring from a different supplier?
Yes, we can provide only installation service if so is requested.
21What is the average price for a good laminate?
For 12 mm laminate is between $1.40- $1.60/sqft
22How soon can you fit my job into your schedule?
Typically, we need at least 1-week notice
23Can engineered flooring be refinished?
Yes, few times depending of the hardwood top layer thickness
24What is the best thickness for engineered floors?
We recommend ¾” thickness
25Do you subcontract your jobs to other companies?
No, we never do that
26How long we’re covered by your installation warranty?
Our standard installation warranty is for 1 year.
27Do you also provide subfloor installations?
Yes, we do
28What underlayment is approved for condos?
Typically, IIC73 or higher
29Does laminate or vinyl feels warmer in the basements?
Laminate is warmer
30Which is more wear resistant, engineered or laminate?
Laminate is more resistant
31Do you have written contract for your services?
Yes, we do
32Can you deliver the materials we already purchased?
Yes, we can accommodate that for you
33Once you start my job, do you work continuously?
Yes, we don’t take another job before finishing yours.
34Can I pay you with credit card?
Yes, this option is possible